Welcome from the Director

Aree Jampaklay

We will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of IPSR in 2021. IPSR has been a valuable asset to Mahidol University. This did not happen by chance, but as a result of the forward-looking strategic plans and efforts of our former leadership and all of our staff.  IPSR is well positioned today due to the hard-working and dedicated minds of each one of us: faculty, researchers, and supporting staff.  We will maintain the excellence in research and graduate education in order to help the university compete, prosper, and achieve national goals in the global community of the 21st century. 
Our key mission is to conduct high impact population and social research and to convey key findings to society. We strive for excellent publications while emphasizing collaboration, equal partnership, career development, and social engagement. We are committed to promoting flexible education in order to produce globally competent graduates. 
We will work together to improve management, productivity, and cost efficiency in both administration and academics. IPSR aims to be a widely known academic institute, both in Thailand and internationally, that global society can rely on.  The institute also hopes to be a credible and dependable friend who is committed to contribute and to give to others. 
Let’s work together to preserve our place where the best minds want to work, think, educate, create new ideas, and commit to delivering better outcomes. IPSR welcomes everyone!!! 



Associate Professor Aree Jampaklay, Ph.D.

Director of Institute for Population and Social Research,
Mahidol University
February 2020